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We offer comprehensive production services. Our tested and tried technologies ensure the highest quality and the best prices. In terms of technologies we go beyond CNC machines – depending on the character of the product and the required quantity we will provide the optimal production process using traditional technologies such as pressing, forming, and welding. Our goal is mutual cooperation and an effort to help our clients’ products succeed on competitive markets, both domestic and European.e markets.

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CNC sheet metal processing

We use modern, reliable and, most importantly, highly precise CNC machines for processing sheet metal. These include a TRUMPF punch press and MITSUBISHI laser cutting centre to process a wide range of metal materials. More information on our machines is here…

CNC machining

Piece and small-batch production of highly precise parts on CNC machines such as PINACHO centre lathe and Perfect Jet machining centre.


We weld standard structural and stainless steels and aluminium alloys using TIG, MIG, and MAG technologies. We also offer resistance welding, stud welding, welding of plastic materials and much more… More info here…

Paint coating

Quick surface finish of metal parts by powder coating. Selection of a wide range of colours from the RAL colour cards. Paint coating for outdoor applications with anti-corrosion base paints. Surface finish resistant to mechanical as well as chemical damage. More info here…

3D printing

Piece and serial production of plastic parts using top-rated 3D printers. We will design and produce 3D models according to your requirements. More info here…