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We use cutting-edge CNC machines processing sheet metal by cutting and bending as well as laser technologies. Specific technical information on our machines and equipment is provided below. Segments of larger parts are welded using our trusted technologies – in brief: point welding on WBLP 40 and WBP 80 for point-welding of steel and stainless steel. Welding in inert and active gases – Fronius and Alfa technologies, TIG, MIG, MAG and pulse welding, sheet metal cutting using sheet shears, 5 to 100-ton eccentric presses, hydraulic presses and other technologies. Paint coating is done on our own powder coating line.

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CNC laser cutting:

CNC punching:

CNC edging:

CNC machining:


  • F2-250 vertical cutter
  • IPS Praha SN 320 x 750 lathe

Material splitting:

  • TMJ PP301 band saw
  • Bomar 160.120 band saw
  • Pilous ARG130 band saw
  • Pilous ARG 220 band saw
  • Berg&Schmid Compact 275 circular saw


  • Optimum B34 H pedestal drill
  • PKD VS32B pedestal drill
  • PKD V20A bench drill
  • Jihokov V16 bench drill
  • MAC250PCL bench drill
  • Sieg SX2 bench drill-cutter
  • ČZM ZM6 thread cutter


  • Automatic Grinder COSTA Levigatrici MD4 CVV
  • ZVL BRH 20A magnetic grinder
  • Suhner ROTOmax 1.5 flexi axle grinder
  • MBSM 100-130-2 band grinder
  • QuickGrind SB1-TS tool grinder
  • GSC GS-1 drill grinder
  • BOMAR Dual 250 S/II deburring machine
  • Tauss VBT610 tumbling machine


  • Fronius and Alfa In welders:
  • – MIG/MAG + pulse welding
  • – TIG AC/DC
  • Stud welding HBS CDi 1502 + HBS CA 08
  • Jesva WBP 40 point welder
  • Jesva WBN 20 point welderTIG AC/DC


  • Šmeral LEN 63C (63 tons) eccentric press
  • Stankoimport K2118A (6.3 tons) eccentric press
  • Werther International PR20PM (20 tons) hydraulic workshop press
  • SSS Turnov CDC2-7 (2 tons) hydraulic assembly press
  • SV Metal LSC 7010 (6 tons) hydraulic assembly (stud) press

Paint coating:

  • Datel Majka 1327 coating box
  • Datel KVPE 20-16K2 chamber furnace
  • Wagner EPG Sprint-X + PEM-X1 powder coating system

3D printing:

  • Original Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer
  • Original Prusa MINI 3D printer

Mitsubishi ML3015 eX

Laser cutting centre

Resonator type Cross-Flow (CO2)
Resonator power available 4500 W
Maximum working area 3100 x 1565 mm
Operating range in X/Y/Z axes 3100/1565/150 mm
Positioning accuracy 0.05/500mm (X axis, Y axis)
Positioning repeatability 0.01 mm (X axis, Y axis)
Head PH-XS Mitsubishi, Auto Focus, 5” and 7.5’’ lenses
Sheet metal thickness Black steel max. 25 mm
Stainless steel max. 22 mm
Aluminium max. 15 mm


CNC punch press

Punching power: 165 kN
Working range without bearing: 2070 x 1280 mm
Working range with bearing: 2500 x 1280 mm
Positioning accuracy: ±0,1 mm
Number of tools/clamps: 14/3
Sheet metal thickness: max. 5.5 mm for steel and 3mm for stainless steel (6.4 mm/150kg)
Special tools: Thread cutting M3-M10
Counter boring
Hinge forming
Gill forming
Custom shape pressing


CNC edging press

Pressing power: 850 kN
Edging length: 2750 mm


CNC edging press

Pressing power: 500 kN
Edging length: 1275 mm
ACB speed function – accurate angle measuring


CNC vertical cutter

Power: 7,5 kW
Axis travel x/y/z: 1000/500/570 mm
Control system: FAGOR 8055

PINACHO ST 180 X 750

CNC vertical cutter

Power: 7,5 kW
Swing diameter above shoe: 360 mm
Swing diameter above lateral support: 190 mm
Max. rotation: 4000 RPM
Max. turning length: 750 mm

COSTA Levigatrici MD4 CVV

Automatic grinder

Working width: 1150 mm
Working height: 0,8÷150 mm
Work unit with sanding belt: surface grinding
Two multifunctional units with vertical brushes: deburring of edges (including sheets with foil), removal of oxidation layer, surface finishing