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About us

METAL ARSENAL is an established Czech family company building on a 30-year tradition of successful business in the metalworking industry. We deliver a complete range of services to our customers, from preliminary design and technological works, forming and machining technologies, welding, to powder coating finish. The main aim of Metal Arsenal s.r.o. is high quality of products and flexibility in implementation and delivery of all contracts.

Why us

Because we do our work responsibly and on quality machines. We strive to constantly improve our technologies and deliver new possibilities in metal processing to our customers.

Because our customers matter to us. We want them to get the best products for their money.

Because we are not afraid of non-standard contracts. We see them as challenges and tests of our technological capacities and human skills.

Quality is our main goal

The quality of our products and processes are paramount to us. In our production, all workshops use multi-level quality control systems including initial, inter-operation, inter-centre and final inspection.