Metal arsenal — production services

Metal Arsenal offers complete production services. Our tested technologies ensure the highest quality at the best price. Our technology is not confined to CNC machines; depending on the product and quantity we can design an optimal manufacturing process using conventional pressing, forming and welding. Our goal is mutual cooperation with our clients to help your product succeed in competitive European markets. We use our experience to benefit our customers and are always willing to co-develop your business concepts and product ideas. Metal Arsenal will design and manufacture your products including proposals and samples. Constructional and developmental work will be completed in 3D sketching developmental software “Solid Works” or “ACAD”. Typically we work with IGEs, DXF and DWG formats.

Metal arsenal - designs

Our new production technologies for cutting and bending sheet metal include:


Application: cutting and forming flat panels with an accuracy of 0.2 mm
Dimensions desktop:
2070 x 1250 mm
size sheet 2500 x 1250 mm
The number of available instruments: 14
The possibility of using tools for forming coils, multibend, counterbore and other shaped elements according to the catalog company Trumpf.
The thickness of sheet: max 5,5 mm ocel a 3mm pro nerez. 5.5 mm to 3 mm steel and stainless steel.

TRUBEND 5085 a 5050

Folding on CNC machines:
Trubend 5085:
table length 2750 mm
max power 85 tons
Trubend 5050:
table length 1250 mm
max power 50 tons
Equipment: 5-axle rear stop, the increased stroke

Metal arsenal - custom metal production

Our welding technology and long standing services include:

Spot welding
Spot welding on machine WBLP40 (Jesva Hořice)
Spot welding steel and stainless steel
Spot welding on machine WBP80 of Hořice
Welding in the active and inert gases
Technologies Fronius and Alfa
TIG, MIG, MAG i Pulse welding
Cutting sheet on table scissors
Eccentric presses from 5 to 100 tons, hydraulic presses and others.
Surfacing: in cooperation